Princesse Legacy Add Pearls Necklace in 14K Gold

Necklace by Princesse Cultured Pearls


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The Princesse Legacy Collection is an excellent way to start a cultured pearl strand for your little princess, and begin a wonderful tradition. The process to create a necklace is simple. Select a Princesse Add Pearls necklace in your choice of pearl size. Purchase additional Princesse Add Pearls in the same size if you prefer a uniform look or pearls in various sizes for a graduated style. Add 1 or more pearls for her 1st day of school, for each birthday, Christmas, Graduation, and by the time she’s all grown up, you’ll have created this treasured heirloom, pearl by pearl, that she’ll cherish for a lifetime!
Princesse Add Pearls are the finest quality pearls available where less than 5% of pearls qualify for the collection. All are cultured from 4 to 6 years in Japan from the akoya mollusk while the average akoya pearl is cultured for only 1 to 2 years. One of the results of the extended development time is the creation of a thick nacre layer which ensures durability for generations.

This 16” starter necklace features a 4.5mm pearl in the center, two 4mm pearls and two 3mm pearls. It is available in 14K yellow or white gold.


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