A jewelry appraisal is an opinion of  value of a particular piece of jewelry.  It is usually in document format, describing all qualitative and quantitative attributes necessary to arrive at the value conclusion. Our appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist by the Gemological Institute of America. He has expertise in both the subject matter being appraised as well as thorough training in valuation science and experience in the jewelry market place.

Typically used for insurance coverage, this appraisal will help protect your treasured jewelry in case of loss or theft. Appraisals are completed by appointment.  Time and cost estimates will provided prior to completion.  If you are interested in selling your items, we do not have to complete an appraisal but can review the pieces and discuss the options available.


Yearly Appraisals Make Dollars And Sense

A piece might be greatly under insured if it has appreciated in value since you first insured it. And you might need to upgrade your policy. You might take better care of a piece, and consider greater security precautions once you know the true value of your ring, necklace, bracelet or pin. In fact, we recommend that you get a detailed appraisal updated yearly to ensure your records are up to date. And ideally, you should use your personal jeweler for the appraisal. You’ll want to be sure that your appraisal is as accurate as possible and who better to trust than someone you know is both knowledgeable and honest.

That’s why Robert’s Jewelry offers customers complete appraisal services that include:

  • A written value assessment for current retail, estate, or liquidation purposes

  • A photograph of each piece for insurance (if requested)

  • Two copies of the official appraisal (one for your records, one for your insurance provider)

  • Gem identification

  • Grading analysis

Why not check the date of the last appraisal you had on each of your pieces of fine jewelry? And then give Robert’s Jewelry a call to set up an appraisal appointment.